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Spring is here and we are celebrating the spring equinox with fun bright colors! This season's colors features peach and mint. This collection is designed to be mix and match your core accessories like leashes, harnesses and collars with fun assorted prints for bandanas, bows and scrunchies!

The Fiji rope leash is an ode to our famous Malibu leash from Spring 2019. It was so loved and so missed, so here is its little sister, the Fiji! This Fiji rope leash is designed to be paired perfectly with the Mint Julep accessories. However, feel free to rock it alone or with your own favorites!  



- 100% cotton rope

- 3/8" (1cm) width

- Available in various lengths: 4ft (120cm), 5ft (150cm), 6ft (180cm) and 2.5ft (75cm) length only

- Gold snap hook

- Exclusive Cavology rose gold charm and poop-bag ring

- Perfect for dogs of all sizes

- Non-toxic dye

- Hand dyed and assembled

Cleaning instructions:

If your leash gets dirty, simply use cold water with a little bit of dish soap to spot clean the area. Hang to dry. The colour of your leash may fade with washing or excessive scrubbing.

Do not machine wash or tumble dry.


As all leashes are made to order, colors may slightly vary from the listed photos due to lighting and dyeing conditions.

ROPE LEASH - Fiji Sale price$49.00 USD

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