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Founder Features and Press

Interviews from our founder, Mai Tran, in various podcasts and articles. 


Grow & Behold

Sit. Stay. Listen to this episode... Good girl! Here's a treat.

Join Mai and I for a hat about niching down as a small business, stepping out of your comfort zone and being vulnerable on social media.




When you're on track to be a lawyer but realize your true calling as a dog mom is more than just that.
Tune in and listen to Cavology's Founder, Mai Tran, speak about how she started her business in her kitchen and how it's blossomed to the dog lifestyle brand that it is today.
IG: @cavologybrand


Girl's Best Friend

Herky, Milton and their mom Mai are a beloved team on YouTube, Instagram and Clubhouse helping dog owners navigate the How-To's of pet ownership. From air travel to post-op surgery tips, Herky's team are guiding and teaching their followers with artfulness cultivated over a staggering 7-years of content creation experience. Mai's story is compelling and honest. A lawyer turned e-commerce pioneer, she is creating quality bespoke goods that simultaneously make pet ownership easier and more pleasing to the curated eye.