How to keep your dog's ears clean

Do you have a dog with long ears, like a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel? Do you struggle to keep them clean?
If so, you probably know that they are sooo cute! But also a bit high maintenance. Those long ears can drag on the ground during walks, dip in water bowls and drag into food during meals. 

We have a solution for you! SNOODS! 


Snood for dogs


Our snoods come in two patterns/colors and two sizes. Both come with adorable little ears. 

One of them is a pink leopard pattern and the other is a solid blue/gray color. 

snood for dog ears

The most common use for snoods is to keep the ears clean and away from food. For example, when you are feeding a sloppy treat (ice cream, raw meaty bones...) or simply when you are walking around the city and prefer not to have ears dragging on the floor.

Another great use for snoods is to keep long feathery ears away from the paws when you are giving your dog a pawdicure!


Snood for dog ears
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