Does this work? Reviewing the Bristly dog toothbrush

You have probably seen this green tool around and wondered: does this work? Well, I wondered the same and just had to try out the Bristly dog toothbrush last month during pet dental health month. 

To compare, I also got an Amazon version


Bristly dog toothbrush review by Herky The Cavalier

Since February was pet dental health month, we posted a few content pieces over on Instagram on the topic. In some story replies, a lot of dog owners were asking how they can start with teeth brushing. 

This made me wonder: are there alternatives? Well, yes there are. 

From finger brushes, to water additives, dental chews and now dog toothbrush toys! Let's see if this works.


I tried the Amazon brand one on Herky since it was a bit larger. Immediately I noticed that the material was a bit softer and more bendy. The opening at the top was also smaller making it more difficult to insert toothpaste into. 


The design of these toothbrushes is made so that the dog "naturally" places its paws onto the base. But Herky did not use them. As soon as she licked all the toothpaste that was at the top, she stopped. Every time it flopped to the floor, she lost interest.


Let's see how Milton did with the Bristly one!


With Milton, I added a snood since she looked more interested and I wanted to make sure her ears didn't get all wet.


Milton definitely showed more interest and licked for longer. It could be that the Bristly could hold more toothpaste, making it more interesting. 

However, Milton also did not use the base to stabilize the toothbrush and chew away (as the use is intended). She started nibbling a bit, but nothing more.

She also lost interest pretty quickly.




In conclusion, Herky and Milton did not use the Bristly dog toothbrush and its Amazon version to clean their own teeth. Keep in mind that Herky and Milton are not chewers by nature. Maybe with extended use, they could get used to it?
But for now, we will stick to good old brushing.


If you would like to see the full video review, check out this: 


To see how we brush their teeth, watch this video

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