Tre Ponti adjustable pink harness

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Tre Ponti's Adjustable Belly harness for smaller pets is a super-easy, step-in harness, ideal for pets with large, wide, or deep chest thanks to a soft, adjustable strap under the chest. So easy: just step in, up over the shoulders, and snap! The fabric is smooth, lightweight, flexible, and strong. Highly reflective trim. Minimal footprint on the pet for style and comfort. Also diverts pressure off the spine and trachea. Does not easily collect hairs. Easy to clean and maintain. Can be worn in water. Made in Italy with high quality materials.

Herky (pictured in black) is an 18lbs Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Her chest is 20" girth. She is a size 3. 

Milton (pictured in pink) is a 12lbs Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Her chest is 17" girth. She is a size 2. 

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